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Since our contemporaneously paper traded funds inception in January 2017 we have outperformed the S&P/ASX 200 by 60%. Our recently established US fund has already outperformed the S&P 500 by 9% since November 2021.

🤔 Where do we find our stocks?

We developed our Proprietary Valuation Index 7 years ago. It contains an amalgam of valuation techniques, combined into one easy-to-read number between 0% and 100%. 50% is considered fairly valued, under 50% is considered undervalued, over 50% is considered overvalued.

We use our Closingbell Pro screener to identify companies in this newsletter. Specifically, we typically search for: (a) stocks > $100m market cap, (b) valuation index between 0% - 40%, and (c) >10% share price gain over 6 months. That can change from week to week.

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Closingbell Gems
Hello, World!
Firstly, Hello! My name is Luca, CEO at Closingbell 😊 I’m emailing to let you know that we just launched our “Undervalued Stocks with Momentum” newsletter called Closingbell Gems 💎! The Objective of Closingbell Gems It’s simple: Every week we deliver you ONE Undervalued US…
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