Update from Closingbell Gems

Hi everyone,

We are touching base to loop you in on a monthly equity analysis report we’re launching soon!

Gems Equity Analysis Report

We are working on a new way to combine our proprietary metrics with a Private Equity analyst to create a substantial equity analysis report, every single month. This report will cover:

  • One chosen US equity every month that we think has been overlooked

  • Industry and macro analysis of this particular investment

  • Granular breakdown of business operations and business model

  • Future growth catalysts

  • Valuation analysis (DCF)

The price of the report will be between U$14.90 - $19.90 per month.

If you’d like the first report for free, join our Discord channel below. We’ll release it via Discord in one month.

Don’t forget to join our Discord Community!

This group will be an easy way to:

✅ Get insights on trending Stock, NFT, and Crypto picks.
✅ Get Free Alpha from other professional, semi-professional, and amateur traders.
✅ Learn about new investment opportunities, industries, and asset classes
✅ Meet other investors and traders.

It’s free, so you should join the community as we build it from scratch! Get in on the ground floor.

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